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The deep sea ecosystem is known to be the largest habitats on earth. It covers 75% of the earth's surface. The deep sea is considered to be 3,300 feet and below sea level. Until the 1900s it was considered to have little or life. That thought was changed by underwater vessels and technological development exploration.

The conditions of the deep sea are very cold. They are just above freezing. The tempature runs between 34 to 39 degrees F. The pressure is extremely great, it is known to be 1,000 times greater than on the surface. It could crush a unprotected human body. The reason that the deep sea is so cold is because no sunlight travles to the deep ocean parts. The creatures that live there live in almost total darkness.

The sea follr is a landscape of low mountains, broad plains, and deep trentches. Mid-ocean ridges are a big part of the surface. They cover 80% of the Pacific Ocean floor and 50% of the Atlantic Ocean floor. It is thought that most of the mid-ocean ridges are to be extint volcanoes. Thease ridges slope down into flat stretches of ocean floor called abussal plains. The trenches are the deepest part of the ocean floor, they are long, narrow, and deep. They run about 2 to 2.5 miles below the sea floor. Earthquakes and volcanis eruptions usually occur in thease trentches. The sea follr also has hot underwater springs caled hydrothermal vents. They have thousands of times more living matter than other animal communities anywhere else in the deep sea. Huge colonies of bacteria thrive on sulfides that shoot out of the vents. Most of the vents are located near mid-ocean ridges.


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On this website, you will discover information about marine life in the deepest parts of the oceans. Things we will list on this web page is: 15 organisms which live in the deep sea ecosystem, as well as facts on those organisms; a breif summary on the deep sea ecosystem, and how organisms survive at that depth. We also have a list of links that you may look at if you are interested about the creatures of the deep, or any other marine life.